Monday, August 20, 2012

ApeWorm Brain Overview

(part of the series Aping As the Basis of Intelligence)

Figure 2 gives an overview of the ApeWorm "central nervous system" or control system. 

Two eyes or retinas gather information about the exemplar that is analyzed to form an exemplar inner model. The ApeWorm also analyzes it internal sensors to construct a self inner model, or self image. If they match, the Ape control function registers success and indicates to the muscle control functions to stop movement. It also may reinforce the "synapses" or weights that led to the success, including any temporal sequence involved. If there is No Match, muscle control allows movement to continue.

It should be noted that the compartmentalization of functions in Figure 2 need not necessarily correspond to how the system is constructed. A neural model might make it possible, or even necessary, to tightly integrate two or more, or even all, of the functions that seem separate in this analysis.

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