Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seeing Predictive Memory Everywhere

Numenta cancelled its planned October class. I stopped working my way through their examples. I created the index for Microsoft Excel 2010 Inside Out. My stepson got married.

Yet all the while I've been watching how my mind works in light of the predictive memory theory. What good would memories be if they did not allow animals to make predictions that help with survival? I have watched my mind make mistakes, in reading for example: wait, that doesn't make sense, I read "farming" for framing. I watch my dog Hugo make decisions (mostly to not obey me). I watch other people make decisions.

I also continue to ponder how the system works. There are computer models like Numenta's, and biological models. When I study math part of me is assessing its utility for modeling machine understanding. Even reading the Excel book, which I really liked, got me to thinking about how advance Excel tools might be used to model neurons or probabilistic reasoning.

But I can't say I have any breakthroughs to report. I can't even say I am going to be writing this blog on a regular basis. There are fires that need to be put out, and fires that need to be lit.

I started on a simple demo program, I mean really simple demo program, just to get going on flowing data through nodes. I started it in Visual Basic, with the intent of also doing it in Python and at least one other language, maybe C++. I might try to restart the MU project their, or I might go back to working through the Numenta examples. No promises. But if I do manage to get anything done, I'll post it.

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